Saturday, December 29, 2012

When You're Broken

Like a nursery rhyme the pieces scatter
No man alone can repair
But, you gather them up
And you try to remember
Just which piece went where
When you're broken.

And you fit and you try to make it the same
Using tears to hold you together again
You look at the world
But only see stains
From the pieces of you crumbled
When you're broken.

You smile as you carry on every day
Wishing someone could make you whole again
But you dare not speak
Of your terrible pain
For someone might see
You are broken.

The world goes on still moving by
How dare you be broken it says
When I need you to help me
I need you to be strong
No one wants to look at you
When you're broken

So you wrap your own arms around your brokenness
Holding in all of your emptiness
You move through each day
A silent abyss
Where no one hears you cry
When you're broken.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Want To Know.....

The world has produced millions of love songs since the beginning of time. Love is worth singing about. From good love to love gone wrong, there is probably a song to fit whatever emotion you are feeling toward that special, or um, not so special person in your life.

I have thousands of useless lyrics stored in my head. I can't remember my driver's license number even though it has been the same for over 20 years, but I can remember songs I listened to as a little girl sitting in between my parents in the front seat (probably because I had been giggling in between my siblings in the back). I can hear a part of a song and I am immediately transported back to some long ago yesterday in my mind.

And through all the lyrics, all the songs, I wonder if we ever learn what it means to be loved?

I really don't think so.

Back in the day there was a song by Foreigner that said he wanted to know what love was and he wanted whoever he was thinking of when he penned those lines to show him.

Even back then that kind of bothered me. I mean, he wanted to be shown, but what was he giving in return?

These songs we hear are mostly one-sided, in the opinion of the writer. But to me, a true love song should be written in two voices. Because true love is giving as well as taking.

I have loved in my life, and I have received love in return. I have broken faith and had my faith broken. And yet, even as I stand here today I still believe in love. And I still believe when you find love you will be better for it.

Bad times will come, tears will be shed, but where love abides you have a shelter in every storm and someone that will come through the storm at your side, perhaps with bigger muscles from carrying you through the hard times.

Love really is all of those things in 1 Corinthians chapter 13.

And love, real love is worth the cost. Even the cost of time. It's worth it.

All those fancy words and eloquent melodies can never sound sweeter than the song of two hearts living in harmonious love.