Monday, August 29, 2011

She Knew...

In just a few short days my youngest child will be 21 years old. It is hard for me to fathom. But, it is true none the less.

I have been observing people my whole life, observing actions and reactions. I cannot say that I have been thrilled at all times by the abilities of some of my fellow humans to reason and make sound decisions. And I dare say some may think the same of me.

I have made some very sound decision and some very poor ones. But, time and time again the one that has served me best was my decision to serve God, to raise my children in a godly home. That decision has colored every other area of our lives.

My son is an adult. That is a hard phrase for this mother to utter, yet I know that in terms of years this statement is true.

I also know that within him is the potential to do great and wonderful things with his life, not only for himself but for the Lord.

It's there. I can see it, feel it. I can sense it when he prays, when he worships, as I listen to him talk or share his thoughts on the things of God.

And more than anything, as his mother, I long to see that potential reach its fullness.

I often think of Eunice, the mother of Timothy and make it my prayer that "unfeigned faith" would be transferred to my children, and not only that, but more so that some man of God would be a "Paul" to my very own Timothy, leading him, instructing him, and encouraging him to "stir up the gift" within him.

Mary may have been the mother of "God in flesh" but she was also a mother, period.

I am confident that she knew who He was, but I am also reminded that she could see that POTENTIAL in Him, the depth of that potential when it did not publically appear, before He ever preformed any miracles.

She knew.....

And on that certain day when they arrived the wedding of Cana of Galilee (John 2:1-12) she approached that potential with a request: "They have no wine." (vs. 3)

That's all she said. She didn't ask Him to preform a miracle, she gave Him the opportunity to live up to His potential.

And, in the fashion of sons and mothers Jesus replied, "Woman, what have I to do with thee? My hour is not yet come."

Quit pushing, Mama! I'm not ready.

But she knew He was.

She knew.

And because of the prodding of a mother, Jesus preformed His first recorded miracle of the New Testament.

To my son:

I know I am just a mother, flesh and bones, nothing special.

Not in myself. You are what makes me special. Because I can see in you all the promises of tomorrow. I can see the things you have yet to accomplish, and it stirs up MY faith.

I know He has a plan for you. Do I know what that plan is? No, not exactly. But I do know the potential of His promises that dwell within you.

And I long to see you follow in godly footsteps, because someday your very own footsteps will be leading others.

And there are times when I have prodded, when I have pushed you to reach beyond where you are, beyond where you are comfortable and maybe, in your opinion, before you are ready.

So when you lack the strength to believe in yourself, be confident in the fact that I KNOW.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have begun a new endeavor....


As if I wasn't busy enough I decided, with much prayer, to return to school.

Please pray for me and don't give up on me. I will soon have a whole new set of things to blog about!!!

Love Is......

When I was a little girl I enjoyed those cute little "Love Is...." comics. They were adorable! I thought it was kind of strange that they were naked, but that is beside the point.

I have read 1 Corinthians 13 so many times over the years. I have used it as a guide, a reminder of all that I should be to those that I claim to love.

Now, in case you haven't noticed, I LOVE my family. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

I have been married to the SAME man for almost 25 years. I think that one the reasons we can boast that is that measuring stick in 1 Corinthians 13 I was talking about. I have to look at it and say, "What am I doing?" sometimes. Can't claim we have had perfect times all the time, but love never is perfect.

And I have 2 exceptional children.

I really do.

Not playing.

I have had the opportunity to pay attention to other people's offspring. And I can assure you there is a lot of "Thank YOU Jesus!" coming from me.

I think one of the things that makes me different from other people is I can see their faults (just as I am sure they see mine). I am in no way blinded by the fact they are my children.

And I say children, when really they are adults.

Adults I can be proud of. Adults who don't have any major regrets.

Some parents boast in the fact that their children have run wild and are doing things that, as parents, they should be embarrassed by.

My children are godly examples to me.

I know how blessed I am.

I don't live a charmed life. I just live life. I live it to the best of my ability by keeping Him as the center.

And I hope this doesn't sound boastful, because I know where the credit lies.

You see, I know what love is.....

I have a life full of it.

Thank You, my sweet, sweet Savior. I am, among women, most blessed.