Thursday, April 30, 2015

Facing my Giants

I really believe just about everyone has heard the story of David and Golaith. David walked out before this giant with incredible faith and did what an army would not do: he defeated him. 

I have to say I have my moments where I feel more like the others present. I buy in to the loud noise coming from what seems like a giant problem and I decide I cannot face it. So, I cower down behind a rock and pray the problem just disappears. 

There have been moments when I have rushed out and met those giants head on. Most of those times involved those I love and not just me. 

My son had something happen years ago while he was at school. Normally I approached his teacher when something went on, but this time I went to the principle first, and then to the school board. 

I was working at the hospital during this time and while on break they patched a call through to me. It was the teacher in question. He "had a problem" with me and wanted to "meet me somewhere" to take care of it. Fine by me, I replied. Name the time and place. 

At home that night I was telling my son about the call. His eyes got big and he asked me if I had ever seen his teacher. I replied I had. He said, "Mama, he's really big."

I told him I wasn't scared, he could bring it on!!

And, I faced him head on. No hesitation. 

I have pushed into the fray for those I love over and over. 

But when it comes to my own Giants? It's a different story. 

It is so hard to face down my own demons. But, it is way past time. 

There are so many things I'm afraid of. So many things I allow to happen to me because I'm afraid if I prod that giant it will crush me. 

Today I am asking God to help me, to give me the faith that slays dragons and defeats Giants. I'm asking Him to increase my faith to allow me to walk out in front of my own enormous problems and se them as they truly are, defeat able. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sun on my Face

There comes a time when you know
And, any doubt you had is gone
Replaced by something warm and bright. 
When the clouds clear and the gloom lifts
You can finally see where you are.

Today, I turn my face up to the sun
I breathe in the sweetness of the soft breeze
For the first time in a long time I see
And, it's beautiful.