Thursday, April 11, 2013

When You Dream A Dream

The blossom of promise grows inside
Filling the edges of your heart with hope
As you look into the face of possibility
And imagine hope fulfilled
You weave in your mind with silken threads
The confidence that you will for a time
Be in possession of something truly beautiful
And, oh how you have longed for something beautiful
It's all right there close enough to touch
Yet so very far away you can only imagine
The warmth of it surrounding you
And taking away the coldness of life
Is it impossible when there is such longing?
You pray that one day you will know
As you continue to weave the silken threads
The intricate patterns incase every part of your life
Overtaking the emptiness
And increasing the faith that someday
You will no longer be a dreamer
But, a partaker of the promise of the dream.