Monday, March 31, 2008

As A Roaring Lion

Lately I have felt within my spirit that something was coming. God has always been gracious and prepared me for problems before they have come.

I have felt trouble brewing for quite some time now. And as I prepare for whatever it is, I ask for help.

Please pray for my family. We are under attack. And I know that a lot of times the devil is just making noise to distract us from our goal. He tries to scare us by the loud roar of unrest knowing that if we are distracted enough, we will miss what God is really trying to do.

Pray that we can stay focused. Pray that we will have a hedge of protection around us and we will grow from this trial.

I don't ever want Him to remove His protection from us.

Jesus, I need Your strength to make through. I am nothing without You. I plead Your precious blood over my family. Draw us closer to each other and to You. And help me to stand in the face of the opposition. Give me wisdom and courage. And when the battle is done and I am preparing for the next, could You just hold me in Your arms of protection for a while?

You are...the love of my life...You are...the hope that I cling to...You mean...more than this world to me...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Appointment With The King

Ethan and I went to supper with Dad and Mom tonight. I have been enjoying being home and being able to go by and check on them more *now that I'm not a ZOMBIE anymore!*

We loaded them up and went to Ruby Tuesday's. Dad wanted the New Orleans Seafood, and Mom really wanted to try their Crab Cakes. Ethan and I were basically along for the ride.

I don't know what has happened to my Dad. I really have no way of even explaining it. Over the past months he had grown more and more bitter. It had really gotten to the point where I didn't even want to go to see them. I know that sounds horrible.

But, lately, he has been so happy and more at peace. He just laughs and talks.

I know I have mentioned it before how exceptionally hard it has been for me to watch my parents age. There are times when it doesn't seem so glaringly apparent, but tonight was not one of those times.

Dad was really wobbly tonight. His poor arms are covered in discolorations from who knows what.

My father was (and still is, I suppose) a *Newspaper Man.* I don't know if that gives him super-hero status or not, but he has spent his adult life driven by the written word. Now he cannot even see a menu, or tell the difference between a $5 bill or a $100 bill.

That hurts me.

We got back from eating and Dad was just so very chatty that I found myself leaning against the counter going from topic to topic.

Over and over he spoke of their longing to get out and do some things, to just *get well enough* to socialize again.

And then he said, "You know, *it* may happen anytime for your Dad."

I reminded him *it* may for me also.

And he spoke of someone he knows who recently lost their mother and how they had told him they were all there, all of her children and grandchildren, spending those last precious moments saying goodbye.

He said, "That would be the way to go."

Of course, Mom and I told him we were hoping we had more time.

That's what we all want, isn't it?

Pastor Weeks preached a message a few weeks back on the subject "An Appointment with the King."

We all have an appointment to keep someday. An appointment with King Death. (Romans Chapter 5) And as Pastor said, this is one appointment no one shall miss. It doesn't matter if you are famous or unknown, rich or poor, happy or sad, one day it will be time for your appointment.

Oh, how I want to be ready!

Please, continue to pray for my parents. I want to see them back in church, preparing for their appointment.

There are days, Lord, when all that gets me through is knowing that someday, at my journey's end, I can see Your face. I want to be ready for that day. Through my joys and through my sorrows, my thoughts, my prayers remain the same...."Even so, Come Lord Jesus."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Where To Run

I have found, in my walk with God that my deepest wounds come from those that I am the closest to.

More often than not, it is not an enemy that puts me on my face before God, but it is a friend.

And though I long for days of peaceful grazing in His presence, I am faced with opposition that has me running for the cover provided under the shelter of His wings.

And I cry out to Him, "Oh that I had wings like a dove! for then would I fly away, and be at rest. Lo, then would I wander far off, and remain in the wilderness, Se'lah. I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest." (Psalm 55:6-8)

Like this prayer of deliverance from David in the 55th Psalm, I have found that it is those that you see every day that are sometimes the biggest oppositions to your walk.

David said, "For it was not an enemy that reproached me; then I could have borne it: neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; then I would have hid myself from him: but it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance. We took sweet counsel together , and walked unto the house of God in company." (verses 12-14)

He goes on to further describe his opposition by saying, "they have no changes, therefore they fear not God." (verse 19)

"The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords." (verse 21)

I have walked with opposition. I have broken bread and dined with the enemy. And I have learned that it is a dangerous thing to allow yourself to think that because you live for God, and your heart dwells within the safety of the walls of His truth, that opposition won't come knocking on your door in the guise of friendship.

Because the enemy will come, dressed up in their finest, and the walls that serve to protect you will give you no escape from the enemy within.

I have felt the weariness of battle of late. I have cried out to my God to carry me away and give me peace and rest.

His answer came in the voices of those I love this weekend. "Don't every begrudge your troubles, because it is through your troubles your anointing comes."

"As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me." (verse 16)

"Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved." (verse 22)

Abraham Lincoln said, "I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for the day."

I have found myself running in circles, trying to outrun my troubles. And it is then, when I know I have no where to go, no where to run to but to Him, that I find Him waiting.

It is the times when I am broken, and the times when I strong. The times when I feel Him, and when I only feel the heat of the battle. In my times of rejoicing and in my deepest sorry.

I have found He is the finish line I long to reach, He is the One that I count on, for He has never let me down.

He is the reason I continue to fight. He is my song.

He is the shelter I need, my rest, my refreshing. He is the Rock I cling to.

He is the prize awaiting me at the end of my race.

Lord, let me always run to You. "Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice." (verse 17) I grow so weary, Lord, and there You are, providing me with Word to feed on, and strength to continue the course. If I do not walk an easy path, may I never begrudge the way You have set for me. For it is through my weakness, through my troubles, and through my trials I gain my greatest strength and testimony. I love You too much to fail You now.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Here are a few shots from Easter. We had such an AWESOME day!!! From Pastor's annointed message that morning to the moving presentation that night, I hated to see the day end!

These are mostly shots of *little people.* Note Abby's mad signing skills during "My Redeemer Lives."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Um..OK...That was DIFFERENT!!

I have FINALLY finished my out of town training. Now I am just waiting to have walls and doors in my office so I can *move in.* We have been promised this will happen on the 31st. I'm sooo excited!!

I have spent the last two days with Ronda, who is over our Community Education for Source. We have travelled around, visiting doctors and different places around town.

I have seen some old friends, and, hopefully, made some new connections. Please be praying for me that we will be successful here. From everything I have seen so far, God is better to me than I deserve *once more!*

So, today we took an office out to lunch from Alma. When they came filing in the restaurant I was surprised that the doctor came with them. Usually they are too busy for this kind of thing. But, he was the first one in the door.

He was a young guy. I am guessing in his mid thirties. He definitely fit his last name as he had very Nordic coloring. Needless to say, I was kind of shocked, not only that he came, but that he was so very young looking.

But, that was nothing.

In a very short time I was incredulous. First he started with throwing paper.

Then he stepped up to potato chips...

And in a very short time he was throwing pickles...

And his staff were throwing them back...

I know my face was showing my shock.

He would chunk a pickle and then laugh until his whole face turned blood red.

Finally one of his staff asked for a knife from the kitchen and another staff member grabbed it and held it aloft, threatening his life if he hit her with a pickle.

Another staff member jumped up after a pickle landed on her shoulder and proceeded to beat him all over with the pickle...

For the rest of the afternoon I just shook my head.


But, it was pretty funny. Even the staff in the restaurant were saying *WOW* after they all sedately filed out.

I don't think my own staff have to worry about flying pickles, but I hope we do have fun.

On a side note, I hired my first person. I pray I made a sound decision. Keep praying for me people....

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad world!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going, Going, Gone

I was coming back from being out of town this evening when I passed a drifter out in the middle of nowhere. I have seen many drifters, but for some reason, this one just struck me.

He was an older man, standing on the side of the road, well in between any towns. He had very long, unkempt hair that was a yellowed white, and a long bushy beard.

He was just standing there, staring off into the pine trees on the side of the road. He was walking opposite of traffic, so it was apparent he wasn't looking for a ride.

So, you know how philosophical I become when I am out riding along on my own.

I thought of this guy, almost like those empty houses that you pass, falling down from the neglect of no one to care for them.

What happened to him? I mean, one day did he rise before anyone else and just disappear? Did he have family, somewhere, who longed to know where he was, or who had long decided he was gone, maybe even dead?

Was he suffering like the man in the graveyard, needing someone to come along and deliver him?

He stood there, staring blankly into the woods, and from my point of view, there were no apparent answers to any of life's questions written in those shade covered rows. But he looked as if he was in desperate need of an answer.

This man, at one time, probably had a job, a family, a life. And I don't believe he just woke up one morning and, out of the blue, packed up his belongings and just disappeared.

Just like I don't believe the backslider awakens one day and finds themselves totally disengaged from anything even remotely resembling godliness.

Before the eyes of his family and his friends, this man began to vanish. He began to close himself off, and shut himself down. He began to cut ties with anyone who cared about him, and then one day, he was just gone.

Maybe he had done it in such a way that he walked away without anyone even noticing.

Now, he stands alone. Gone from all those that cared, gone from whatever life he left behind.

Maybe over lunch, or at family gatherings, someone will say, "I wonder what happened to him?"

But, that will probably be the extent of their thoughts.

Just like me, sometimes at church, I will think, "I wonder where they are now?"

And then I just keep going.

Lord, help me to be sensitive to those around me. Let me see those hurting souls who are pulling away. Let me feel the distance and reach out to them before it's too late, and they are gone forever. And, help someone to see that in me, should I begin to falter and grow distant and cold in You. I love You.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Thought I'd Share

I was up near Pine Mountain yesterday and so I snuck over before I started home. I ended up going to Calloway Gardens. Here are a few of shots from there. Plus, I snuck one in of my sweetie, Aaron!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Well, here I sit at a few minutes after 5pm, alone. So, so alone...

*anybody feeling my pain*

I am at one of my last training stops. One more night away next week and I'll be home!!! WOOT!

Denise is sneaking up to stay with me tonight. I am so aware that my time with my little *dumplin* is growing shorter. I am longing to hold on for a while, store up some more memories to take out later and fill my heart with smiles.

I have had time to contemplate many things out here alone. Usually my time is filled with being everything I am, but here alone I have no clothes to wash, no toilets to clean. Just my thoughts to keep me company.

And I have been thinking of where I am going. I feel like more than a job change has taken place. I feel like a heart change has too.

I have been able to get to know myself better. Some things I need to do better have come to light, as well as some things that I like about myself.

I have identified within myself things I had no idea were there. And I realize that God is preparing me for a journey, a journey where faith will have to be my vehicle. A journey of trust.

So, I'm sitting here waiting...

Waiting for my dumplin to drive up (and wishing my Lil E could too).

And waiting for a page to turn, a chapter to end....

Waiting to see where He leads....

Waiting, and praying, and trusting...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Identifying Oppression

My daughter and I spent a few stolen minutes together yesterday after I got into town. I told her about some of the silly things I did as a teenager. She laughed at the young girl she never knew.

It is hard to fathom that our parents didn't start out life as parents. Understandably since they have been parents our entire lives, it is difficult to picture them young and carefree.

But, I once was young and carefree.

That being so, I know what it is like to be unable to see beyond the end of your own nose, so to speak. I have an understanding of my children and the phases that they have passed through, and those yet to come, on this road to complete adulthood.

I can remember lying on my bed, with my mother standing at my bedside as I cried "I want to just be like everyone else, and be able to go out and have fun!"

Poor pitiful me....

I remember how it felt to be stifled by *rules* set by my parents/prison guards.

Now, alas, here I sit...guarding the souls of my very own charges...

My, how the tables turn.

And I remember how I felt so unfairly treated. I felt so held down, and watched. Freedom was all I longed for, something my keepers could not seem to understand.

There is another child that I love, though not my own. And I see in her that aching to *break free* from the proverbial bondage, to be who she feels she is destined to be. I know she counts the days until her imprisonment will be over and the oppression of her current situation will be but a memory.

It saddens me to the depth of my soul.

For what our young people sometimes see as oppression is really where the truest of freedom lies.

I can put a name to oppression today that will forevermore identify this crafty creature.

That name is *REGRET.*

Oppression is waking every morning for the rest of your life to the consequence of your mistakes. It is facing each day knowing your own choices sometimes born of rebellion will forever color each sunrise of every day you live.

Oppression is settling for less than you could have obtained, it is selling out your dreams for a moment.

Oppression is giving away your very heart and soul and being bound to a promise that cuts the very life out of your being.

Oppression is casting your precious pearls before the swine of the world who have no understanding of the value of what is before them.

I have said so many times that my job as a mother is to make sure when my children are grown they have no regrets because I wasn't doing my job as a mother. Mistakes happen, there is no perfect world, I know this to be true. And I want to be the one that they turn to when trouble comes, and it will.

I don't want to hold my children back from living out their potential, from happiness, from tomorrow.

What I want is for them to have the freedom from *REGRET* when their time comes to fly. I don't want the weight of an oppressive past to keep them from soaring as high as God allows.

If I could say what my desire is for my children it would be this...
"Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing.
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesying.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Abstain from all appearance of evil.
And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-23

My dear sweet Friend, You know the burden I carry, for You carry the same. Help me to lead and guide my family to You. Help me to live an example before them, to show them the way, and to remain firm in that way. Let me not bow to the pressures of this world. Let me never give in to the draw of the easy way, for it would be easy for me to turn my head. But let me stand strong for their sakes, even it makes me unpopular, even if it is hard, because I know what is at stake. I know the oppressor. And I know where freedom lies. Thank You for loving me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

I Wanna Go Home

Please indulge me, just this once. Excuse the video, but close your eyes and listen to the song...

I'm ready to get this training done!

Monday, March 3, 2008

On The Go

Well, I'm about to embark on another journey. I'm sure I'll have all new adventures to share by the end of the week.

Keep checking back on our blog at I'm excited to have our work up for you to see!!!

Our website will be I think...could be .net...could be minus the underscores...(this is why I don't build website, I just copy and paste addresses) but Brother Marc Wood is helping us design it, so look for something dynamic. You can see some of his other work at He is responsible for our awesome church website (come on, you know it's the nicest you've ever seen) and the Weeks' Ministries website, along with many local websites. If you need something professional and eye catching, than he's "DA MAN." We appreciate the Wood family so much!!!

Be looking for our Senior Shoot of Tana Wood, which will take place later this week! She is such a precious girl, this should be loads of fun!! (Did I also mention she is a cutie patootie)

Yup, never a dull moment around here.

Ain't God good, to give us so many blessing. Undeserving, that's what we are. We ought to THANK Him, LOVE and PRAISE Him, a little more today....and a WHOLE LOT more tomorrow!!!!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

When Life Makes No Sense

There is little in life that gives me more pleasure than freshly washed clothes...

I know, I'm a moron...

But, there is just something about pulling warm laundry out of the dryer and stuffing my nose into the folds and taking a big, deep, sniff.

I came home from life on the road last week to "Mount Clothesous" and an eruption was on the horizon.

So, I have spent the time that I could today, washing clothes.

I stripped the sheets off of the bed and placed them in the washer, looking forward to snuggling down tonight with the fragrance of Downy surrounding me, and then drifting off into a peaceful slumber where I would dream about flowers and little bunnies....

I pulled the sheets out, still hot to the touch, and pressed my face into the depths of softness....


I tried once more, taking a deeper breath...which only caused a fit of coughing...

And that silly part of me said "What was the use of even washing them if I can't smell they are clean?"

What's the use indeed?

We live in a world that is fed by their senses. If you can't feel, smell, touch, taste, or hear something, then it's just not real...

In my walk with God there have been times that I had no sense of His presence...

Should that cause me to doubt He is there? Of course not.

And even though I cannot smell the April Freshness of my sheets, they needed to be clean, even as my sin stained life needed to be washed in the Blood of the Lamb. I didn't literally have blood poured over me, but the cleansing flow was real. And it washed me white as snow.

So, I'm am about to put my sheets on the bed, still warm from the dryer, and then I'm going to snuggle down and take a nap. Maybe when I wake up I will be able to smell again.

I Need You, I Need You, I Need You!!!! Come and fill my life....