Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Along the Journey

My husband and I went on a cruise a couple of weeks ago. It was a new experience for both of us and one I will gladly repeat. For us, cruising is a pretty good deal...we don't drink, I don't even drink sodas and we don't gamble, so, all in all, it was a bargain.

We went into Cozumel, which I found out rather quickly that unless you are into Jewelry there is really not a lot of shopping to do. We walked along the strip dutifully anyway. A couple of people who were very insistent just knew they could succeed in selling me some bauble.

One guy in particular practically drug me into a store wanting to give me a "charm." He grabbed my hand and poured a silver oak leaf into it. I said, "Well, this is nice, but I don't want it."

"Yes! You take it!"

"Nope. I told you when you drug me in here I do not wear jewelry."

"But, you take it, you will wear!"

"Nope. You take it back. I am Pentecostal. I do not wear jewelry."

And with that I poured it into his hand and he apologized.

When we made the return trip by he said, "Come....oh, I remember you."

We rented some scooters and ventured around the island. I was terrified. Traffic is very different. I did really well in the remote areas, but when we were in town about to head back to the boat, Bobby turned one way and after he turned a very kind lady let me know he had turned down a one-way (the WRONG way).

I watched him round the next corner and I reluctantly turned in the opposite direction.

After a few intersections I finally found a street I could turn down. It was one of those instances that I knew I was just going to have to do whatever needed to be done.

I did some very in-depth praying during that time.

We finally met back up. Needless to say my nerves were frazzled when we finally parked the scooters. (and don't tell Bobby, but I would do it again in a heartbeat)

I went to visit my grandmother before the cruise and during trying to change the current subject I told her that we were going on the cruise thinking it would be a nice safe topic.

She promptly set me straight.

All these trips weren't going to mean a thing, the only thing that mattered was going to Heaven...

I get that.

And that is definitely the goal of my life, what I want more than anything.

But do I think that He expects us to sit around and wait until that great and marvelous day?

No, not really.

I am on a journey today. And the destination that I am bound for is Heaven.

Now, as Bro. Martyn Ballestero said, "This bus is going to Chicago."

As long as you stay on the bus, you will make it to your destination. But if you get off in Albuquerque then you will not get to Chicago. Period.

As long as I continue to follow the path that is outlined in the Word of God then I will make it to my destination.

I can have some fun along the way as long as I stay on the path!

So far, so good....with the GPS that I have been using (God's Path Specified).

I have a Pastor that preaches the Truth without fail. He is passionate about it, and he has not watered down the message. He is my Watchman On The Wall!!

I read the Word and study (because I want to be "approved").

I spend time in prayer, talking to Him, because I want Him to know me, and I want to know Him!!

I am continuing forward along this journey called life. Some days are filled with laughter and fun, some days are stressful, some days are sorrowful, but every day is worth the cost to make it to the end!!

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