Sunday, May 3, 2009

I FLU The Coop!!

As many of you may have noticed there has been an awful lot of attention in the media to the H1N1 flu (formally known as the Swine Flu). We have been focusing on it in my field because of the potential for many of the ones we serve to be affected.

So, the other night I dreamed I was sick. I kept blowing my nose and blowing my nose and it was full of bacon! I could not figure it out until today. I guess I had "Swine Flu!"

I thought that was too funny when it hit me today.

Isn't it strange how something can deeply affect you and you really don't even realize it?

I have been thinking about the situation so much that it was even following me into my sleep.

And, I have noticed that sometimes things in the world can have the same affect. Sometimes we let things creep in to our lives that stick to us, and without even realizing it we begin to dwell on it and it creeps in to other areas, seeps into our thoughts and colors our views.

One instant that comes to mind is women reading romance novels. I love a good clean romance, but if I read too much of them, before long I begin to think "Now why doesn't my husband act like that?" and without even realizing I have done it I may have measured him against someone that doesn't even exist.

And that happens with other things, too. In your job, in your school, maybe even in your walk with God. I have known people that allowed themselves to be influenced by false doctrine and before long it had creeped into their own *beliefs* and colored their views of the Word of God. I have seen whole churches completely give over to worldly beliefs in the name of *winning souls* and without even realizing it has happened they have lost everything.

H1N1 still poses a threat to us here in the U.S. This is a good time to be reminded of prevention, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, staying home when you are sick, good hand washing, etc.

And in my field I have to think about things like this to insure the vulnerable population I serve is protected and safe. But, I do hope it doesn't come sneaking into my dreams again. I love bacon, but not up my nose!!

And I love the Lord enough to take inventory, watch out for those things that want to steal my focus, take me off the path, cause me strife and confusion. I want to be listening so that when the Word of God goes forth I will know it is speaking to me and I will be ready to do what ever it takes. I want to get rid of any hindrances before it's too late!

Lord, help me to be ready! I've got to make it, above all else, I have got to be ready.

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