Friday, February 19, 2010

Sometimes I Cry

There is joy in my life,
I'm blessed with happiness,
I have so much to be thankful for.
But there are times of pain
That overshadow my world,
It's those times I long to reach You,
My Comforter and Strength,
My Tower and Provider through it all.
It's not doubt that brings my tears,
Not confusion or fears,
Just a need for a shelter in the storm.

Sadness comes to every heart
Somewhere down life's road
And we come face to face with loss and pain.
But my Promise speaks into my heart
Though there are tears on my face,
No matter what the morning always comes.
So allow me my weeping,
Knowing it endures but a time.

Sometimes I cry,
Sometimes I weep,
Sometimes I fall down at Your feet.
My heart still breaks,
My souls still aches,
The load gets hard for me to take.
It's not a lack of faith,
It's a need for Your embrace.
Through the storms of my life
Sometimes I cry.

I don't ask for understanding
For why I pour out my heart to Him
His peace is everlasting,
His light is never dim.
I know He holds my problem
Within His nail scarred hand,
And when my heart is crushed and broken,
That's when I seek His face,
To fill my life with mercy again.

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