Monday, February 21, 2011

Road Kill

I spend a good deal of time behind the wheel of my car traveling the country highways of my state.

I have seen a lot of stuff.

Because we live in a rural area there are a great many dead animals along the roadways.

Thankfully, I have not been the cause of any of them, to my knowledge. I mean, we did hit a deer once, but my husband was driving, so I don't count that.

I was traveling the other day and a cute little bunny darted out. It was a close call. And I know they don't have the reasoning abilities we do, but I wonder if when they are out there darting cars if they ever question their plan to get whatever they are seeking on the other side.

I have seen ducks, deer, raccoons, possums, beavers, St. Bernard's (I really thought it was a lion at first) and some things I could not identify and seriously thought about turning around for another look.

Because, really, at that point, what else is there to do but look?

The decision was made by some critter that whatever was on the other side was far better than what was on the side they were presently on, so they took off toward it.

Sometimes they didn't look to see if anything was coming, or maybe they thought they could make it in time, I don't know.

Perhaps they just see something and go for it with no other thoughts at all.

After my close call with the cute bunny I started thinking about all those I had seen lost by the wayside and I thought there would be no Mama Bunny to mourn the death of her baby.

When a deer is hit, the other deer that were with the one hit don't turn around to see if that one is hurt, they keep on going. They don't warn their buddy should they see headlights coming in the distance, they keep on running.

It has been over 2 years ago now since Ethan was hit that faithful night. Logan tried to warn him, calling to him to look out for the coming truck, but he could not be heard.

And if Logan had not been there and the truck had continued on who is to say that Ethan would not have lain there with no one to help.

It would have been a tragedy.

Have there been times in my life when I had my eyes on something that I thought was better than what I had only to end up run over in the process?

Could someone have called out a warning?

Would I have heard?

And if not, would they come to my rescue?

There are people all around darting in and out of possible catastrophes, accidents waiting to happen.

What if I could raise my voice and prevent it?

What if I could convince them not to cross?

What if I could be there when they have been run over by life to help?

Life is a constant....

Constant in movement.

Constant in change.

Constantly things are happening.

And it is easy for someone to end up on the side of the road of life, plowed down by circumstances.

I don't want to end up road kill.

So, if you see me about to cross and danger in my path, warn me.

If you find me by the wayside, broken and bruised, care for me.

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