Thursday, December 26, 2013

Season of Joy

Ok. I know that I have posted a lot of blah posts of late. There are many things going on in my life "behind the scenes" so to speak, that I haven't been talking about. 

And, well I have my reasons. The first and foremost reason is it's my story and I will tell it when I'm good and ready.   

I have had a tremendous longing in my heart for something that I knew was waiting for me. A longing that is a need, and empty spot that has to be filled. 

Christmas has been topsy-turvy for me since my parents died. I didn't feel like celebrating the year they died. The next year I bought all new decorations and put up a beautiful tree. Then we had the changes in our family and it didn't seem like the tree was a good idea. 

This year the tree went up. It was beautiful and I enjoyed coming in and turning it on each night. It makes me smile and reminds me that life goes on and I am moving forward. 

There is joy in my life. Real joy. The joy has come at great cost, but it's joy none the less. I have a reason to smile. I have a reason to hope. And, I have a reason to love. 

This is a season of joy for me. A season to be with my wonderful, smart, successful children, to love on them and wrap myself up in their love for me. 

This is a season to share my love and get joy from the pleasure of others. 

And this is the season to be loved and treasured for who I am. 

All I can say is YAY. 

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