Monday, November 16, 2009

Georgia On My Mind

When I was a wee lil girl we lived in Georgia. My parents were both from Georgia, my brother and my sister were both born in Georgia...I was the only odd ball *born in Florida* but I celebrated my 3rd birthday living in Valdosta, Georgia.

We moved away in 1975 but we spent every summer of my natural born life in Georgia until I married.

I can remember the trips here, looking out the window, dreaming of someday being back and riding around the state taking picture of *stuff* like tobacco barns, old churches, abandoned houses, small town life.

I have traveled many miles across this state, from the flat lands to the mountains, from the canyons to the ocean and all the wonderful in between.

I love this state. I love the people, the accents *which I am NOW the proud owner of* and the land.

I love the farming, the industry, the big cities and the one red light speed traps....I love it all!

I cannot, at this point in my life, imagine living anywhere else...this is my home. I know people here, and I am known...I have roots here....and I have family and church family....

People wave at you here....whether they know you or not. They talk to you....they actually SEE you....

I know that this has been part of God's plan for me all return to this in hand....and dwell here among friends. I have lived in Georgia most of my life, and I would like to think I am a Georgian.

I am happy here....and I am blessed.

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