Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Various Things

I have decided I have Adult ADD. And this post should prove that.

I talked to my Dad last night. He sounded chipper yet concerned. They have moved him to traditional rehab and he says he WILL get up and walk again. He very excitedly told me he walked 300 yards with a walker. Now for someone who has been in the bed for 9 weeks and who only has one leg to begin with that is an accomplishment.

He is worried, though, because he has always been the Alpha Male...always providing for his family. Now, he is in a position where he is struggling with the knowledge that he has to at least be able to transfer himself or he is in big trouble.

I watched the video of my wedding reception a while back to show someone all the people they would never meet, my Papa, my Father-in-law, etc. Suddenly my big strong Daddy came striding into the scene. It was definitely a bitter sweet moment to once again see the Daddy of my youth.

My parents are 750 miles away. There is not a moment that I don't miss them.

I have been very melancholy lately. Maybe it is the fact that I am about to have ANOTHER birthday...I don't know. But, there is this situation that I have been faced with, and normally I don't let things like this get under my skin. But for some reason this has. I feel like I am being blamed for something I had no part in.

And although I know within my heart that it's OK I guess my feelings still got hurt. The other people involved don't know my life or what I have been through in the past few months because if they did they would know that what happened could have not been at my hand. I have other, more important things to deal with, but they don't know my life, nor do they know me, so what do I expect, right?

I guess I expect more of people. That's what hurts me.

I know I have done some dumb things in life, and one of those dumb things has come back to bite me on the proverbial hiney. Believe it or not, I have no problem saying I was wrong, and I did. I can't make the other person forgive me, but I have prayed about it and that's all I can do. Maybe this is a season where God is showing me how to suck it up and I am just doing a poor job at it.

We recently got a new dog....I know, just what we need. His name is GoKu and he is a Sheltie. We got him from what I can only describe as a puppy mill. Hence GoKu has a LOT of trust issues.

Getting him to come back into the house after he does his business has been a major issue. And I guess whoever taught him NOT to trust was a male because he has a really hard time with men.

We have had to be gentle with him, but he is coming around. He has figured out how to climb the stairs and sleeps on the floor beside the bed. About 3 am he started whining and Bobby got up and took him back down and out to use the bathroom. (he can't get back down yet..hehe)

He is such a good boy, but we have really been practicing patience with him.

And I got to thinking, isn't that the was it is in church, too? Sometimes we get new people that have been abused by the world, or by the church and we have to be extra gentle, extra patient until they learn to trust us.

So....world.....Meet GoKu!!

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