Friday, September 3, 2010

Separated at Birth

Although it is rare, there are many recorded instances of Identical Twins that were separated at birth, some even for the sake of research.

What has been found in each study is that both have many of the same mannerism and characteristics.

Such is the case of the 2 Jim's:

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer first met February 9, 1979, after 39 years of being separated. Both were very nervous at first, but now consider the reunion "the most important day of my life." Amid the euphoria over their rediscovery of each other, they came across astonishing similarities in their lives and behavior. Both had been adopted by separate families in Ohio, and had grown up within 45 miles of each other. Both had been named James by their adoptive parents, both had married twice; first to women named Linda and second to women named Betty. Both had children, including sons named James Allan. Both had at one time owned dogs named Toy.

Researchers of these separated twins seek to discover if it is "Nature" or "Nurture" that causes a person to become who they are. But ultimately, research has discovered that it is "Nature via Nurture" that shapes the person. It is our own inherent characteristics that develop out of our environment.

But it is the nature of who we are that dictates how we will react to our environment.

These twins may have had similar traits but their lives were different based on the environments they were raised in, their belief systems were different related to the fact that they were raised in different homes with different values.

When we experience the New Birth we bury the old man of sin and are "Born Again" as the Word of God teaches. That experience should mirror the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus as we "REPENT" which is the turning away from the old ways (the death of the old man), and then are Baptized in the Name of Jesus, which represents the burial and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost (representing the resurrection). (See Acts 2:38)

It is through that New Birth that we become separated from the world, that we "Come out from among" those that live in the world and begin a new life. And although we are still made from the same flesh and blood as everyone else, we are not the same.

As a child of the King of Kings I don't walk the same, I don't talk the same, I don't desire the same things.

And it is the nature of that separation from the things of the world and the nurture His Spirit that changes the fiber of who we are, causing us to act different, to make different choices.

It is the change in the very environment of our lives that begins to shape us and there is a marked difference in even the things that make us happy.

And while the world at large searches for the similarities between us and them, it should be our differences that are most noticeable.

People should be able to tell a Christian from the world.

The genetics that we received from our "Father" should allow those around us to know Him through us, see His eyes when looking in ours, hear His voice when we speak, and feel His touch from our hand.

Jesus signed our **New** Birth Certificate in His own blood. And it is that very blood that flows from Calvary in a crimson stream through the veins of all that are His.

What about you? Do you feel like there is something missing from your life? Maybe a part of yourself you have yet to discover?

Let me introduce you to your Father.........He has been waiting to get to know you.

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