Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Than Just a Name

My son was telling me last night how he and his sister have been talking a lot about Jacob wrestling with the angel. He had been thinking about it because of some song lyrics that say

I want to see miracles, to see the world change
Wrestle the angel, for more than a name

and that began the conversation between the two of them regarding Jacob and his change of name.

Jacob was the second born son of Isaac and Rebekah, a twin to his brother Esau. The name Jacob implied a crafty deceiver, but after Jacob wrestled with a man for his promised blessing, God changed his name to Israel with means "one who strives with God." During this event God touched Jacob's thigh as a reminder that he no longer walked on his own strength, but with the reliance of God and dependence on Him.

The result of Jacob's wrestling was more than a name change. Because he refused to let go, refused to give up until he received his blessing, a nation was born.

There are times in our lives when we need something from the Lord. Like Jacob we need to strive with the Lord through perseverance in prayer until we receive that which we need. After his night with the Lord not only was his name changed but his walk was also changed.

When we spiritually wrestle we should always come away changed. Our WALK should be different, noticeable to the world around that we have been in His presence and now we walk dependent on Him.

That is one more proof to me that when we are truly in His presence people will know, we should not have to tell anyone that we are a Christian, our entire walk through life should be changed.

That is what I want, more than just to be labeled as a Christian, I want my walk to be different. I want my family to be able to see it, my friends to be able to see it, the world to be able to see it. When I approach a complete stranger on the street, I want them to see me coming and think she is different, she has been in the presence of the Almighty and is forever changed. She doesn't walk like the rest of the world. She walks in His ways.

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