Sunday, January 13, 2008

For One Moment

I go through each day with the same desire.

I want to reach someone.

I want to take this glorious gospel, this precious truth that was imparted to me and give it to someone else.

I once was lost in sin, you see, but Jesus took me in.

And there are others.

Some days I walk in halls of work, or wander through the crowds of fellow shoppers, looking into faces, wondering....

Could she be the one?

Is he the one I am going to reach?

And I feel within myself that I must reach people at times without even realizing that I do. So I try to be cautious of my actions, letting His Spirit that dwells within me speak for me, even when my voice is silent.

But just for an instant last night, just for a moment, I was thrust into the desperateness of another person's deepest despair.

For a purpose I had no idea I was setting out to fulfill I sat face to face with someone lying in the very bottom of every dream they ever had.

And as I looked on their downcast head I knew how she must have looked, pressing and crawling through that crowd, bent on the touch that she was sure would save her.

I looked hopelessness in the face last night. And as my eyes met their eyes, it was as if I could see the vast emptiness inside of them.

This lost soul had come looking for healing. And within the building where we sat was every manner of devise to assist, medications to soothe away symptoms, and bandages to bind wounds.

Looking into those eyes, I knew only One who could help.

And in that one moment I laid aside what is right and proper for a Nurse to do, and I became who I truly am, a child of the King.

Some days, Lord, it seems I wander aimlessly, although my longing is to work. And there are days when I feel like I am of no use to You whatsoever. Then, I look up, and there You are, reminding me that I have much to do, and many to reach. Thank You for the opportunity to minister to a hurt and dying world. Thank You for the message reminding me once again where You brought me from, and giving me a glimpse of how far You are willing to go to reach just one. Let me walk with You Jesus.

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