Monday, January 21, 2008

When They Still Don't Understand

I am a believer in the fact that each of us that serve God do so with a purpose.

I am blessed beyond measure in my walk with Him. I feel like He has given me a measure of "talents" and I want to use them for His glory.

When I use them, it becomes my worship. I leave the outer courts, pass through the inner courts, and am ushered into the Holy of Holies. And it is my responsibility to bring others with me.

This is no light thing for me. I will never discount what it truly is. It is not a pass time or a hobby. It is a ministry. It is my way of opening up my heart and pouring out of myself all the praise that is inside of me.

How do I explain that to someone who has not yielded to God?

There is a chorus we sing that explains my heart.

"I worship You with all of me
My heart, my life
I give You everything
I'll pay the price
Such a small sacrifice
To worship You with all of me.

I give You every part of me
Each song I sing
Each breath I breathe
I give to You my heart and soul
Take my life
Take control"

It is worth it all to me. What am I actually sacrificing? Time, energy? Is that a sacrifice?

The money spent is always honored by God and is apparent in our lives.

But for someone living on the fringes of God's great blessing, someone who is content to listen to a great message as long as they don't feel conviction, someone who comes to church for the entertainment value instead of coming for the value of the message it would be next to impossible to grasp why.

The "why" is simple for me. It is as necessary as each indrawn breath. It is the longing of my soul.

So to all who still don't understand this need inside of me, to all that want to know what it is like when the Lord places a burden in you, when He gives you a calling, no matter how big or small, and it consumes you with the need to fulfill His plans and designs for you, maybe it's time you sought your purpose.

Maybe then your own song will change, too.

But as for me, I'm going to serve Him. I'm going to serve Him.

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