Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Broken and Blessed

Boy, lately I have been facing some *stuff* and I don't like it.

Day after day our lives touch the lives of others. We pass the masses in our vehicles, in our stores, in our churches, and we focus on that happy face plastered to the outside of broken vessels.

I write to you today, a broken vessel.

I may be covered with a colorful glaze of prefab joy, but that doesn't strengthen the cracks in my vessel.

I have borne many heartaches over the past few years. But yesterday I could no longer contain the weight, and my vessel broke with pieces of my heart scattering everywhere.

And it took every ounce of grace that I could draw on to leave the situation before I fell apart.

It was one of those times when I ran and threw myself at my Father's feet, placing my brokenness in His hands to reshape me once again.

Everything that I am, I owe to my Father. And as I sat with tears falling, I had no regrets for what He has made me. My only regret is that someone I love so deeply could not know me at all. But then I realized, that person never has. And it is that very lack of knowledge that became the glaze that covered the broken places.

I look at those around me, the walking damaged, and I know, because beneath my smiling face I too have been broken.

Oh, but I have been broken and blessed. Because it was at His hands I have been broken, and at His hands I have become a new vessel. And I know, as I always have that He is working everything together for my good, because I love Him so.

If You can work through my pain, if it means that I can reach someone for You, if it means You can use me more, then brake this vessel, Lord. For above ALL else....I MUST BE SAVED.

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