Sunday, February 16, 2014


Misty dawn barely breaking
I'm waiting
This day is the day it all comes true
You may laugh with a scornful laugh
But, laughter fades in time
When promises are rich and full.

With my eyes gazing forward
I'm praying
And knowing it is not in vain
The pleasure of it all around me
A dream I've dreamed
Opens fully and overfills my heart.

I know the thoughts you think
I can feel them
The darkness you cast my way
Wants to press in
But, in spite of all the rage
In spite bitterness
In spite of it all
And in the face of doubt
No matter what the end
My heart will win.

Night presses in cool and silent
And I'm waiting
For tomorrow comes with promises new
Love is only in vain when denied
And the truth of it all
Is love will live in hope for all time.

I close my eyes tonight
I am dreaming
Of years and years of knowing it was mine
Of moments sweetly lived
Of love I freely give
Of yesterdays with memories of mine. 

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