Monday, August 20, 2007

The Bodyguard of the King

I was talking to another saint at the church last night. She was saying that when she came to Truth Harbor she was spiritually starving. I related I was, too, but now I am spiritually fat.

Yesterday I feasted once again on the Word of God as our Pastor preached from 1 Kings 1:32-39 with emphasis on verse 38.

Through study he found that the Cherethites actually came from Philistinean roots and the Pelethites were from the tribe of Benjamin.

WOW! That is so exciting! Just like the church today! I came from the world, a sinner, never exposed to the Doctrine of Truth until I was away from home, yet here I sit, chosen to be in the presence of the King.

And then there are those that have been raised in this Truth and still live it, defend it from the enemies that would attack everything we hold close.

I accept the responsibility and will do whatever needs to be done to protect this. I'm thankful today for Him, so thankful.

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