Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just to be close to Him

My brother made the comment once when talking about my parents dogs that he had figured them out: Lance thinks "you feed me and water me, you must be a god," while Ivan thinks "you feed me and water me, I must be god."

My own dogs are the same way. If they ever get the opportunity to sleep with me, which I will sometimes let them do when I am not going to sleep long during the day, or a rare night, Sandy will lay up by my head, even with her head on a pillow sometimes while Pearl is content to rest at my feet.

If I sit down on the couch, Sandy has to come sit on my lap and she will make sure she gets as much petting as possible. But good ole' Pearl will sit at my side and look up at me with those big, humble eyes as if to say "I'm just happy to be near you." When I stroke her fur she looks like I have given her the greatest gift, while Sandy looks at me like "Is that it? I need MORE."

I find Sandy's constant "Look at me, pet me, love me" attitude irritating at times, while I am drawn to the humble Pearl as she sits contently at my feet. She will lay her head on them and most times when I'm cooking she will slink in the kitchen and *sneak* a lick in on my feet. When I pick her up she is more concerned with giving me *kisses* than anything else as if she just wants to show her appreciation that I acknowledged her at all.

I was thinking today as I was getting ready for work that I need to be a *Pearl* lying at my Master's feet, thankful just to be in His presence. I want Him to know that my desire is just to be close to Him, to let my actions and mannerism speak of my devotion and love for who He is to me.

After all, He feeds me with His Word, He waters my thirsty soul with living waters....He is MY God!!!!

Oh that I may worship at Your feet!

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