Friday, August 24, 2007

My Friends

I have found something wonderful about my life lately. Through all the topsy-turvy things that have happened I have developed unbreakable bonds with 2 very special people. And on this early morning I thought I might pay tribute to them. I hope you won't mind indulging me.

There are few people in our lives that we can call true friends. I mean that. I am blessed to have 2 in particular that are that and so much more.

My brother has been my rock. He was my hero as a little girl since he is a few years older than I am, he was my *protector.* I don't know why but when something really terrible happens I know I can call him and he will lift the burden off my shoulders and place it on his, no matter what else he is carrying. He is real. And I know the events of the past few years, as we have collectively dealt with our parents mortality and subsequently our own, have brought to him a variety of emotions. But for him the bottom line is dealing with what ever comes our way.

He is a man who loves the Lord and that is what separates him from so many others in this world. He is uncompromising in his love for his wife, his girls, his family, and that includes me. And I know when I need an answer I can call him and get one, even if it's not the answer I want to hear, he loves me enough to give it to me anyway.

I see him now, so devoted to his church family, so excited about everything God is doing in each of their lives and it causes me to love these people that, as of yet, I have not even met.

And then there is my sister. Her claims that she is the *Poster Child* for the middle child still ring in my head. But let me tell you about my sister. My sister is glue. She is the glue that holds things together. I would selfishly like to think that she is only our glue, but I know she is the glue for so many others. Where as my brother is the voice of reason more often than not for me, my sister is the voice that comforts. So many times when I have just been so overwhelmed with circumstance it was her calm, loving voice that soothed me.

She has such a capacity to love and it spreads out like velvet to those she gathers in. She can smooth over the roughest situation and bring everything together when it all seems to drift apart.

I have watched her handle all that life has brought her way by getting up, dusting off, and working through any problem that comes her way. And when I am facing a dilemma I need to talk through I know I can expect her to listen, to advise, to commiserate and to love. That's just what she does. She loves my little family, my brothers family with undying love.

I would that the miles could melt between us to allow us time to laugh and love more often. Much to our mother's aggravation we still giggle when we are put together. I'm already storing up some *good ones* to share in October, because I know my friends will laugh as hard as I did.

I love you both. Thank God I have you.


Pastor Merritt said...

I know The Rock... I am clay...

Pastor Merritt said...

Thanks anyway... lol