Monday, October 29, 2007

Keeping Your Garments

What an awesome message my Pastor preached last night. It is always wonderful to hear a message about the foundations that we stand on. He did an incredible job, as always, preaching from Revelation 16:13-15.

I would that I could recite each detail for you, but that would spoil it. I will be happy to get a copy for anyone who is interested.

But he did talk on the fact that people are hung up saying that the outward man doesn't matter. And it is so true. You cannot read the Bible without seeing what a contradiction to truth that statement is. Over and over God speaks to our outward man, and usually nakedness is mentioned in context with shame...hhhmmmm.

Does it matter? Should the world at large be able to pick us out of a crowd and know what we stand for? He used the example of fruit. When you go to the store to buy and orange, you know what an orange looks like, you don't take a bite and then say, "oops that's a banana!"

I have actually had people tell me, "you know Sheri, you would look sooo much better if you would put on a little makeup (cut your hair, etc)." I am not supposed to be offended by this comment. But heaven forbid I should ever say "if you would tone that makeup down some, you would be so pretty."

I am not a barn that needs to be painted. And I cannot understand why more women are not offended by the concept. It is as if men are saying "we are OK, but you need some help." And since it was men that started the makeup industry, well, that speaks volumes to me.

I happen to think I am beautiful the way that I am, because it means something to me. My hair means something to me, my face devoid of makeup, means something to me. This is who I am. I am devoted to God, on the outside and inside.

To some this may be offensive. If so, I make no apologies. I live this in your faces every day without apology. It would be so much easier to live as the world. But I have to keep my garments.

This is my protection from worldliness. This has served as a hedge about my children. This separation from worldliness has protected them from any manner of problems. And because of my love for all the things of God, my children have developed a love also.

I am so thankful today to have a Pastor that obeys God. So many today have backed down on this message. I am grateful that God put a man in my life and in the lives of my family who is not afraid to preach with conviction things such as holiness. I love You so much, Lord, and what the world sees as unnecessary, I am so thankful I see how necessary it is, how beautiful it is. I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now!!!!

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