Friday, December 14, 2007

Cha Ching$$$$

I understand the concept of Caller-ID. Really.

So yesterday when the phone rang and it showed up as my place of employment, I cannot imagine what unseen force had me press my finger to the talk button and place the receiver to my head.

But I did.

And when I heard my bosses voice I knew I was doomed.

Kinda like a mouse caught on one of those sticky traps, only my legs/arms are a little *thick* for me to be chewing through.

The thought had crossed my mind earlier during the day that my *hubby wubby* and I should do a little shopping since we are running out of time, so I used that in my defense.

"Um, I don't know...We REALLY need to do some shopping. I'll have to check with him."

I placed a harried phone call to his voice mail.

*Look, the jig is up. You gotta cover for me. We have to go shopping TONIGHT!*

Only he didn't call me right back, but the phone rang out another death toll.

"Please, we're desperate."

So I fastened the ball and chain around my ankle and headed in to carry out my sentence.

One night of craziness minus sleep.

Thank God someone slammed a door early this morning since I was sitting straight up, charting, and dreaming about buying horses to plow my fields.

One of the things I have found is that money isn't everything. There was a time in my life when I would have jumped at the chance to earn a little extra *dough.*

But, yea, not so important anymore.

As I saw my supervisor this morning she said *I'm gonna make sure you get a $75 bonus for last night!*

And all I could think of was I had missed an opportunity to be with my family. $75 can't buy that back.

I read an article about a couple that made only a little more than we do, and they had a $3500 a month house note and an $800 a month vehicle note, not counting the other little bills. All I could think was *How Dumb IS That??*

I am content with my little house, my HOT wheels (vvrroommm). I have learned something that it seems most other people lack the understanding of. All those material things, all that money, it doesn't last.

AAAHHH, but love, there is a treasure worth seeking. Self respect cannot be purchased, and memories are worth more than gold.


Denise said...

There were two women talking in my line tonight and one said to the other "Yeah, my husband is going to have to work Christmas day. But he will get paid a lot for doing it!" And she was talking about how great the money will be and how she was going out of town to spend Christmas with her brother... and I thought of this blog and how sad it was that she was okay missing Christmas with her husband for money...

Haha and this is proof... The cashiers are listening to you in the grocery store.

Sheri Merritt Boulet said...

I always suspected that!

You crazy. I love you so much!