Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I went to the funeral of someone very dear to me last Friday. Carrie was the nurse that trained me all those years ago and I keep thinking about the times that we shared, her heart and the goodness that went straight to her bones.

Carrie was the kind of person that we would all hope to be. I can't think of one single person that could say anything bad about her. She was everything that I strive to be but never quite hit the mark.

And I loved her. I still do. Her send-off didn't seem grand enough for such a grand lady.

I was blessed to know her, blessed by all of our talks, the times she shared her heart with me, and sometimes even her pain as she would ask me to pray with her about different circumstances.

I went to Labor and Delivery one day after Dad had his heart surgery. At that time we didn't think he was going to have to stay on dialysis and we were rejoicing because his labs were good. I stopped to share the news with Carrie.

As usual, it didn't take long before we were both crying. She told me finally that she was so glad I had come to tell her because she thought it was from the Lord to encourage her. You see, there was something going on with her kidneys and she was scared.

Thank you, Carrie, for all the things you added to my life. For trusting me, for the little presents I would find on my doorstep from you, for the trips to Helen, for the love that was genuine and felt. Saying goodbye is not easy, so I will just say I hope to see you soon.

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