Friday, November 16, 2007

Extraordinary or Extra-Ordinary....You Pick

I was walking Lance this morning for Mama. Daddy had to go back to the hospital this morning. He was a little short of breath when I left him last night, but he will sometimes get that. By the time he got to the Emergency Room he felt like he was going to die.

While I was ambling along in the crisp air this morning the word *extraordinary* popped into my head. Why I don't know, but then I am never really certain why things happen the way they do in my head. I just go with it.

So, I was thinking I guess there are people who would love to be described as ***EXTRAORDINARY***

Me, not so much.

I'll settle for being ==EXTRA-ordinary. Yea, that's my goal.

I want to live a plain, dull, boring life with no bells and whistles. I want to glide through life, under the radar of excitement and popularity.

I want to grow old and die in my sleep as my body simply decides "Enough of this monotony-I feel like traveling on."

Any points I have gained over the years toward being labeled as "Extraordinary" are up for grabs. If they were like the old Green Stamps, I probably only have one or two on the first page, but hey if it will put you over the edge so that you can receive the the *Label* of your dreams, they are yours with my blessings.

I'll take an ordinary life, please==As a matter of fact==throw in some extra!!!


Sheri Merritt Boulet said...

Let me say that today is EXTRAordinary since it is the day that, 20 years ago, I held a beautiful dream in my arms for the first time. So precious and sweet, just like the years since have been. I couldn't let this day pass without saying to my wonderful baby girl, if I have any claim to fame, it's you. I love you so so so much!!!!!

Cyndi said...