Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tea Time

I just finished a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. MMMMMM....

When I was able to have a brief visit at my brother's home the weekend of the wedding they fixed me a cup of some kind of berry blend. They are so cool. They even have this cool electric kettle that sits on the counter. I always warm my water in the microwave. I definitely need to invest in one of those pots.

I have this really great spice cabinet on my counter. It has not really held anything since I got it, never served a real purpose, so I dug out all of my teas and put them in the drawers. Now I have a *tea cabinet.*

Last night at our Fall Festival I won the *Hot Tea Basket* and so I had more to add to my collection. My cabinet runneth over!!!

As I sat here tonight enjoying my tea, letting it relax me and hopefully help with some of this congestion in my chest I was thinking about my old Pastor and his precious wife.

I don't think I ever drink Earl Grey that I don't think about her. I had surgery while they were here and she brought me some Earl Grey along with some butter cookies. Every afternoon while I was recovering I would brew a cup and eat some of the butter cookies, it became a nice routine. I can understand why the British do it! What a great break in the day.

They were such precious people. They were traveling down in this area in their motor home. They had retired and were just enjoying life. Someone told them the church here was vacant. They just stepped up and filled a need. It was just their desire to do something for God. My children and I were not able to go to church at that time for certain reasons and one night I said "that's it, we are going to church." So we loaded up and started the drive to another town to be in church.

We had to pass by the church here on the way. There parked in the front of the church was a U-Haul. We pulled in and it was then we met this beautiful couple.

They had such an impact on my family. Even though my husband did not go to church while they were here, he told them when they were leaving that they had made a difference in him and it was his sincere regret that he had not given them a chance.

They have gone back to Indiana now. I received an email from her just the other day letting me know that he is not doing well. It is feared he has cancer in his colon and will be undergoing surgery this week.

This precious couple needs our prayers now. I could never, ever, express what they meant to my family. I remember how I felt when they told me they were going to leave, I thought my heart would break, but I knew they needed to rest, and I knew he would not have made such a decision without much prayer.

He taught me so many things about God. Aside from my Pastor now, he has had the biggest impact on my walk with God.

And she was the epitome of grace and graciousness. She truly had a servants heart.

It is amazing how God places people in your lives at just the right time, bringing just what you need for that moment and beyond. Like my love for Earl Grey, and the gentle love from a Pastor and his wife that brought me strength and growth to last me a lifetime.

Lord, bless Brother and Sister Synesael today. Touch them Lord, and strengthen them during the days ahead. Lord, You have the final say in any situation, and I know You are in this situation, too. Remember them today. Remember them and bless them as You have me by making them part of my life. I love You, I love You, I love You, You're the Sweet Rose of Sharon to me.

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