Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm In His Hands

I have noticed many things lately. It is almost like I have aquired a heightened sense of the nuances of life. Moments that pass bring about reflection. And tonight as I sit here, reflection comes once again. It has become my friend, allowing something even greater to develop...introspection.

During these moments of introspection I can not only see moments where God had His hand on me, I can also see moments when I was in His hand. My name is written there, so He'll always remember me.

But I also see moments when I took myself out of His hand.

I faced a situation Sunday that I did not know how to face. And as I lay in bed much later and reflected on what could have been a horrible and life changing situation for me, I could see myself there, cradled in His hand.

You see, for almost an hour I thought I was about to lose my precious Daddy. I was at church when the call came frantically from my Mama. I couldn't get there fast enough.

And I was afraid. So very afraid.

But somewhere between where I was and where my Daddy was, it was as if my Father came and scooped me up and held me close.

"You're in My hand."

I'm in His hand because I placed Him in my heart.

Bad stuff has come, and no doubt will return. No doubt the fear of losing my parents will happen one day and that fear will be reality. And the sun will come up again the next morning and shine just as bright, the same way it did when my parents lost their own parents.

But as I reflect tonight, as I delve into introspection, I am comforted once again.

Thank You for Your strength. Let me have You always in my heart because I never ever want to be out of Your hand.

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Cyndi said...

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass,
but learning how to dance in the rain.....