Monday, March 31, 2008

As A Roaring Lion

Lately I have felt within my spirit that something was coming. God has always been gracious and prepared me for problems before they have come.

I have felt trouble brewing for quite some time now. And as I prepare for whatever it is, I ask for help.

Please pray for my family. We are under attack. And I know that a lot of times the devil is just making noise to distract us from our goal. He tries to scare us by the loud roar of unrest knowing that if we are distracted enough, we will miss what God is really trying to do.

Pray that we can stay focused. Pray that we will have a hedge of protection around us and we will grow from this trial.

I don't ever want Him to remove His protection from us.

Jesus, I need Your strength to make through. I am nothing without You. I plead Your precious blood over my family. Draw us closer to each other and to You. And help me to stand in the face of the opposition. Give me wisdom and courage. And when the battle is done and I am preparing for the next, could You just hold me in Your arms of protection for a while?

You are...the love of my life...You are...the hope that I cling to...You mean...more than this world to me...

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