Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Asleep At The Wheel

Years ago when I first started working as a nurse, I was delegated to the dungeons of night shift. At that time we lived about 15 minutes from town.

That was the longest drive of my life.

I would get off and get in my car to start the trek. Sleep would begin to beckon me as soon as I turned the key in the ignition.

I cannot count the times that I would suddenly realize I was sitting under the carport with no recollection of how I got there.

Thankfully this time I only live about 4 minutes from work, so I haven't encountered that problem.

And I am also thankful that I ended all those other trips parked safely under the carport because I know that each trip could have ended so much differently.

I have seen the consequences of someone who got behind the wheel of a car, thinking they could reach the destination they set out for, only to become weary and before they knew what happened their trip turned into tragedy.

I have seen saints sit on pews and sleep. Oh, I'm not talking about physical sleep, although I have seen that too.

What I am talking about is spiritual sleep.

They snuggle down into the routine of life and the next thing they know they are in a spiritual ditch, hoping for a wrecker to pull them out, or in some cases an ambulance to save them.

All those years ago I went to a Ladies Retreat after working the night before. I drove myself and 2 other ladies to the campgrounds about 3 hours away. We all visited a while and then dressed for service.

The guest minister was a very noted man who has writted many books on the subject of Apostolic faith. He is very well versed, and, ummm, maybe not a good choice when you haven't had sleep in almost 30 hours.

Not only did I doze off several times, I was literally falling out of my chair. And since I was only a few rows from the front, everytime I would jerk back up into my seat I was looking straight into his eyes.

I know this walk can cause weariness, but we have a place of rest, we have a refreshing promised in the Word.

And just like our physical body needs rest to function along with the other elements needed to sustain life, so our spiritual man needs too.

We have to feed ourselves on the Word, rest in the comfort of His Promises, listen for His voice, follow His direction, and delight ourselves in His ways.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I got a call from my husband late one night. He had been coming home from working out of town and he told me he had run into the ditch and needed me to come get him.

What he failed to tell me was he had run *through* the ditch and stopped under and between several pine trees. If I had not been awake and paying attention, I would have missed the car altogether.

So is it important that we stay alert for problems in our brothers and sister, and be ready to stand in the gap for them in prayer.

I want to be waiting with my lamp lit when He comes for me, instead of sleeping though and losing out.

Lord, as my exhaustion washes over me today, I long for rest for my body. Help me also to rest in You. I need that refreshing that comes from You, that lifts me up and renews my commitment to serving You. Help me to remain alert to any problems, big or small that may drive me off my course before I even know what happened. I don't want to end up another casualty of complacency. I want to be watching, listening, waiting and ready when You come.

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