Friday, February 15, 2008

Somebody Prayed for Me

It is hard to imagine.

And I can scarcely "cotton" to the idea myself.

But I know it to be true.

Somewhere today, somebody lifted me up before the Lord.

They prayed for needs I may not even realize I have.

They prayed for my life, my walk, my soul.

Oh, let them never stop.

Call out my name before Him. Reach for resolution to my faults and flaws. Pray, pray until you catch hold of the hem of His garment.

And don't just stop there.

Because I need Him, I need to make it. I need His hand on me, on my family.

Pray for me to have more sensitivity toward Him. I want to be used by Him.

I want to be used on my knees, wrestling with unseen forces, with powers, and principalities.

I want to be strong for the fight....I want to fight for you....

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