Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Remembering the Miracle

We had an awesome service last night.

We have been in revival with Brother Darrell Bennett from Texas.

This man is definitely from Texas! He does everything BIG!

We had a tremendous outpouring for the Holy Ghost last night as we have in every service. He challenged us to remember "Our Miracle."

Yea, how soon we do forget.

And he also reminded us that sometimes the storm comes because we are asleep, and we need to wake up! So instead of whining about the storm, we should be praising the One who sent it!

*In case you didn't know....sometimes bad things happen for our own good....they are not always a product of the devil (who we give way to much credit anyway)*

I had a wonderful time just chatting it up with my kids, and Devin, a friend of Ethan's from school, on the way there and back. According to the standard set by the world, my kids are so abnormal....and I am SOOOOO thankful for that.

Devin prayed at the altar. I expect her to get the Holy Ghost soon!!

We were listening to a CD on the way home by Jars of Clay. There is a line in one of their songs that I love. It says "I have no fear of drowning, It's the breathing that's taking all this work."

I can remember a time when I was young when the thought of death would make me feel panic. But death doesn't scare me anymore.

Not to say living does scare me, but getting up day after day, facing whatever life throws our way, is, well, so overwhelming sometimes.

And I think it's because I forget.

I forget who I am. I forget Who I serve. I forget my miracle.

Last night I stood back and watched as the men (young and older) gathered around praying for my son and I wept. There, with his hands thrust up in the air, stood my miracle.

And over my shoulder I could hear the weeping and praying of my other miracle.

Lord, let me never forget. Look what You have done for me. No, my life is not perfect. Yes, I face problems. But, God, I have a beautiful family. I have two children that would rather spend their free time in Your presence than any place else. And as I look around at the young people of the world I have to recognize how awesome that is.

And I remember so vividly, standing at an altar, with my frail son standing in front of me, knowing You had healed him. I remember the miracle, and the promise I made. How can I ever forget.

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